Monday, March 18, 2013

The Last 5 (FIVE!) Months!

5 months!  It's been 5 months since I've blogged!  So here goes - a recap of the last 5 months in pictures.


Doughnuts for Dad - two peas in a pod
 Pinterest Projects!
Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!
We sent these cards to grandparents.  Tripp's foot was much bigger than anticipated.  So, as usual, this easy project turned into a more complicated one when I realized I didn't have big enough paper!
 Allen & Tripp carving a pumpkin
 More Pinterest - T's Halloween Lunch
 And our Pinterest Dinner!
 Definitely took the easy route - frozen pizza ;-)
 Ninja Turtle Tripp with one of his favorite playmates!
 And after trick or treating.  Still on a sugar high as he snuggles up with the ladies!


Aunt Kathy came for a visit!
 We had a gender reveal party!
 Tripp was a little Indian at school.


I took the plunge this year and bought elf on the shelf.  I know, I know!  For a woman who wasn't even going to do the whole Santa Claus thing, I really went all out.  I think it was the fact that it was our last Christmas together as just a family of 3.  I really wanted the so-called magic...
Tripp named our Elf, Marvin-Marvin. Not one Marvin, but two - Marvin-Marvin.

I was determined to be at home Christmas morning!  This was the first time ever since Allen and I have been married.  And of course the first time for Tripp.  I'm so glad we stuck to this decision!  The video of Tripp running in Christmas morning is priceless and I cherish it.  This is a little bit of the aftermath :-)
 We had a sleepover at Cousin Presley's house,
 and had a sleepover with some more cousins at our house!  Tripp was wild with these two - COULD NOT contain his excitement that Allie and Natalie were spending the night with us.


Warning!  Belly Shot
Mom & Dad's Christmas Present to Allen & me - two rooms painted in our house!  Best Christmas present ever.  Tripp's new room went from green...
 to khaki.
And Baby Girl's room went from blue...
to sugared peach!  Not a great picture but I love the color (& the name!).
 A lot of birthday parties, beginning with Anderson's super hero party!


Tripp's room coming back together.  Since this pic was taken, window treatments have been hung and I'm loving how it all came back together.  It's so organized!  At least one room in our house is :-)
And a sneak peek at baby girl's room.  This gold crib is so beautiful!  A huge thank you to Uncle Brad & Aunt Kathy for the work they've done on it.  What an undertaking!  They're taking orders in case any of you are interested in one!
 Tripp's Valentines via Pinterest!  Imagine that.  He thought these love bugs were so fun.
 One of my Valentine's on V-Day.  We even had a gift for Baby Girl :-)  Y'all, it's really hard to restrain myself when in comes to buying things for her...
 Same shirt from last year.  It was huge then, but fit a little better this time.  I just love Valentine's day!  It means that Easter (probably my favorite Holiday) is just around the corner.
Mardi Gras Parade with YaYa & PopPop
 And Benjamin's train birthday!
One more belly shot...sorry!


And here we are!  Whew!  A lot of updating - I know.  And a lot of random pictures.  This is the problem with social put pics on FaceBook or on a blog.  And now I'm on instagram!  How do you cover all your bases?!  It's overwhelming to me.

Update on Baby Girl
Due date is March 24th - went to doctor on Thursday and there was no progress - go back tomorrow at 8:30 - doctor doesn't really want to induce because it increases the chances of a c-section - she's estimated to be about 8 1/2 pounds now and has a lot of hair - I'm afraid Tripp has been warning her that their mama really doesn't have it all together and she's better off just staying in for as long as she can! :-) - we are beyond excited to meet her! - no name picked out and the nursery is not finished (pretty typical for this procrastinator)

I'm overly ambitious today, so hoping to blog about Tripp's 4th birthday as well!  Thankful for this blessed chaotic time in our lives!


atfarrar said...

WOW! That covered a lot of ground!It was great seeing some of these photos that I had not seen; he's been very busy these last few months. Can't wait to see "Sweet Pea" in a few weeks in the blog! (In your spare time...hee hee!) Love you, mama

Grandneighbor JuJu said...

I have to admit I have missed your blogs. It was good you broke us in with making us wait LOL! I am sure they will soon be few and far in between. So excited to see your family grow!